I have been getting my glasses here since 1981 and recommend them highly. When special lenses with prisms were needed for family members, the prescribing doctor was surprised at Cartier’s accuracy – their usual experience was having to send the glasses back a few times to the optician until they got it right. I had previously gone to another optician in Old Saybrook and had very bad service. Cartier is also excellent at telling you which frames look good on your face, and it has nothing to do with price. They will recommend a cheaper frame if it is the right one for you. Another thing I feel is very important is that their Optometrist is independent – in other words, there is no sales pressure from either the Optometrist or the Optician. I have had very bad experience with sales pressure in an optical business before. So, to sum up: completely ethical, friendly, wonderful service, and exact precision in lens placement. I wouldn’t think of going elsewhere.

The service is second to none!

Ok. These guys are simply the best and nicest guys you will ever meet. Honestly, I am not biased. Just a happy customer. You will get awesome service from Cartier Optical. They know their stuff, they care about people and they are always a pleasure to deal with. Forget Lenzcrafters…