At Cartier Optical, our goal is to have you come in and receive a comprehensive eye exam and to end up with the stylish prescription designer eyeglasses to best suit your visual needs and your personal style.

We sell bifocal eyeglasses, reading glasses, computer glasses, glasses for kids, glasses for adults, and all of the best prescription eyeglasses to ensure excellent vision and excellent eye health for years to come.
Fendi-Eyeglasses-225x300 Kate-Spade-225x300 Pro-Design-225x300 Ray-Ban-225x300

As you can see from the pictures above, we sell all of the top prescription designer glasses in Old Sabyrook, CT. Our eyeglass designer lines include, but are not limited to:

  • Ray Ban Eyeglasses
  • Maui Jim Eyeglasses
  • Fendi Eyeglasses
  • Kate Spade Eyeglasses
  • Calvin Klein Eyeglasses
  • Pro Design Eco-Friendly Glasses
  • Costa Del Mar Eyeglasses
  • Many more of the top designer eyewear brands in CT and beyond