Our Team

cartier10The opticial business is more than just a job to Ernie Cartier Jr and his wife Pam – it’s a family tradition and a way of life. Established by Ernie Cartier Sr in 1972, Cartier Optical is the oldest continually operating retail optical store in Old Saybrook, CT, featuring nothing but the best opticians in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Now you might find yourself asking, what is an optician vs optometrist and what exactly does an optician do? To put it simply, an optician practices the art of personally crafting the best lenses to fit your eyeglasses in order to help your vision and make you look good while doing it. We are a lot like a pharmacist, we fill the prescription. We also fit you with contact lenses if that is your preference.

We have more than 68 years of experience fitting glasses.  We are able to create a wide variety of lenses to accommodate a wide variety of frames. Whether you want to go with hipster glasses, rimless glasses, horn rimmed glasses, tortoise shell frames, or just about anything else, we have the know-how to make the perfect lenses for your eyewear selection.  We are not limited to eyeglasses, we also offer monocles if you need.

Dr David MacDonald, Old Saybrook, CT OptometristDr-David-MacDonald-300x200

We are proud to have Dr. David MacDonald work with our practice. Dr MacDonald is a highly experienced CT eye doctor who performs eye exams in our office.  He performs a variety of eyecare services for children, adults, and seniors. Just a few of his areas of specialty are listed below:

  • Kids’ Eye Exams
  • Comprehensive Exams for Adults
  • Diabetic Eye Exams
  • Glaucoma Treatment and Testing
  • Treatment for Chronic Dry Eye
  • Treatment of Macular Degenration (both wet and dry macular degeneration)
  • General Vision Testing in Old Saybrook, CT for People of All Ages
  • Dr. David MacDonald’s Website